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Situated on 22.5 acres (9 Hectares) of beautiful coconut land just on the lagoon face, the project will be implemented in 3 stages.


1 Stage 


Two reverse cable parks with obstacles for wakeboarding, restaurant, administration, shop, volleyball, trampoline.
Construction completed 2020

2 Stage

Hotel 72 rooms with rating 5 stars, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, kids club, kite club, beach bar. 
Start of construction expecting at the January 2019
Master planning and landscape design executed by International Design company TOPO DESIGN STUDIO

UPDATE: Approvals from SLTDA received, contract with BOI signed in October 2018.
Construction completed - Tennis court, Engineering building, Desalination plant

Mockup Villas under completion, 5 Deluxe villas constructed, started Staff accommodation, Housekeeping, 5 Deluxe villas.

3 Stage

Hotel 150 rooms, swimming pool, 2 restaurants, SPA, fitness.

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